December 22, 2006

Speshow - Luo Zhi Xiang.

Just now, I slept till four in the afternoon.. and i think i must be very tired.

On nineteen December, I accompany wen for job interview then to Vivo city. We did some shots in the under tunnel at Tanjong Pagar..

My photo buddy.

I tried to do jump jump,

..and YIPEE! I suceed.

Notice the different on my face,

..wen helped me to draw eyeliner. Big difference yes?

I think my fringe looks woo.

Doggie in the window,

I remember there's a song, i forgot.

At Toy 'r' Us,

I look pale in the top picture. Hah.

My cute boy,

Darling astro. Lol. Any more darlings? =|

On the way home,

I like this teeth picture. Heh.

To end,

A picture of me.
(My brother exclaimed this dont look like his sister.)

Everytime i feel that i've alot to blog but the words just stuck in there.

Yes, i forget to say on wednesday(twenty December).. there's a 4E2 class bbq at Ruiting's house. Only about fourteen people came, but i get to meet some of them! =D

When someone says:
"promise" and smiled
my heart skips
and i couldnt explain why.
..and i know that "promise"
may be just another promise.

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