December 17, 2006


Suddenly i dont know how and what to blog.

I just want to thanks everyone who wished me Happy Birthday, be it advanced greetings or a belated one. LOVE YOU all. ;p

So on the sixteen in the month of December, i went to suntec to eat Fish and Co with Zhihui and Trixy. It's the first time i ate that and that implies i'm kind of mountain turtle. Thanks Zhihui for treating me to yumyum that and the cake! Heh. After we shopped around.

Around evening time, i went to meet Weiliang to watch a movie - Eragon. The movie is nice but then there's a part two or maybe three to it. I received a present of a converse bag.. i'm kind of shock though.

Just now during work, YT came and visit me. He gave me a adidas jacket as present. Then he said the receipt is in there, if the size dont fit.. i can go and change. HAHAH. Oneee-three-ninee. Omg.

I'm speechless.

And yes,

Happy belated birthday to me!

(Notice the number of candles. The FUNNY waiter. lol.)

(The aftermath.)

Pictures next time.

Bon voyage to YT for going shanghai, and BON voyage to Eug who's going Malaysia!

Love you all.
Love love love.
l o v e
L O V E.
I love my classmates,
my family,
my colleagues,
my past colleagues,
my besties,
my friends,
my guy friend,
my girl friend.

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