December 15, 2006

I say coming soon, not this but this.

Last night my brother bought me this santa's hat from Daiso. Christmas is coming in ten days, will someone put some present in my socks? Lol.

Stress got me into this shape. I've been revising maths since yesterday and just now. My pace of revising is real slow, a moment i eat, then i stone, then i watch the TV, then i eat again. Then my heads goes CHIBABOOM, so i sleep. So at this moment, i look through the book and do some sums already.

I hope i can do most of the sums later. Paper is at 1630. GOOD LUCKSss!

Saw my astro boy? It's in the christmas mood too. Hah.

I hope today, tomorrow and the day after will be a happy day.

On the first day of christmas
when santa come to me..

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