December 14, 2006

Two to Sixteen.

Yesterday there's this Digital Media and Design test. I think i'll failed badly. I tried to memorise some parts of the book, but during the test, i cant recall them. So what i did was just writing a whole chunks of bullshit. Not to leave it empty, Empty.

Maths paper on friday. I think it's gonna be another CHIBABOOM(like some instant bomb). I'm like so last minute this days, and i've a serious habit.. I'm ADDICT TO THE COMPUTER(like how i'm addicted to camera). =[

Anyway, here's the pictures taken on Monday. We classmates went to Sakura to celebrate Aaron's and my advanced birthday. He's finally nineteen and i'm seventeen-to-be.

During the meeting time, many of them came late.. so the early birds capture themselves in the camera.


A concave(or convex) mirror?

Yiling and Trix.

The formal and the funshot.

Then i happen to spot this "boxes" around heeren, so i asked them to go in for "photoshot". LOL. We didn take the other "boxes". =[

The emo us.

Then there's this christmas thing-y so pictures again.

An enchanting christmas, a joyous escape.

The guys reach like after sometime. Some of them was like quite shock that all the girls wore dresses. I asked the girls to wear! Heh.

After, we went to eat Sakura. It opened at twelve and we're like ten minutes earlier...

Aaron doesnt cares his maid lulu. LOL. And we happen to wore red.

The ladies..

The retros and the elegants.

The yellows and the red. The same design of dress but we feel and look different. And i show my teeth, like finally! =E.

Yiling and Liting.

I got a little too bored..

I imagine there's glass. ;p

Check out desmond..

He's like so busy cutting his steak(or food) that he dont want to look into the camera. LOL. Desmond sek SEK.

Some randoms of the food..

The desserts. YUMMY.

The messy table.

This is the ZHILIAN ASS,

Who keep saying.. "take picture of me LEH." Lol.

This is the cake..

from breadtalk. =|

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.... us the december peeps.

Aaron cuts the cake,

Into twelve portion for twelve of us. Woo.

The boss in the sakura was like so happy the guys eat so much food. Daniel eat like so many steaks can. OMG. So we took a picture with him.

..also our group photo.

Check out the girls in (Eng Hua's)shades,

Woo, aint we cool? Lol.

And here's Eug the boss. =|

There's more..

Robin returns! HAH.

After, we went to watch movie. We choose to watch Cinderella and it turns out that the show is quite saddist. There's no much of a storyline, and then some parts were really gross. But well, i still got scare some parts.

Our movie tickets.

I believe that,

LIME magaizine truly knows me.

Since Christmas is coming,

Photoshot with Christmas tree!

Theres shots of the girls and also the guys..

Merry MERRY Christmas! =D


here's me with the christmas tree.

I think i shouldnt update my blog since i haven study. Those habits i cant kill. =[

Thanks classmates, i enjoy myself on monday. =D

Can peeps wish me happy birthday on the 15th if you happen to see me in school or where-ever? LOL. I sound like some despo, but nah.. i just wanted more birthday greetings.

All i wish..

... ...

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