November 12, 2006

I stand alone, in that busy street.

On thursday, i wore this very thick sweater to school.. and i think i nearly suffocate(is this the right word or not?). LOL. I'm probably the winter in summer. But i'll wear that again. Heh.

The third day of work is okay. Just that i miss my first day of work with BK and Ivan. It seems so fun, we talked and talked. To add on, i've gt Eug and Trix to visit me. WEE.

Okay, today mum and brother visit me. =D

I wont be that packed already. 'Cos i just found out, i only worked on saturday. I thought the schedule written 0 0 but it's actually J(for Jessica) and C(for Candy). So Candy work on sunday. The previous sunday is exceptional.

I've more time to sleep, more time for family, for homework, and probably friends. Though i've less money.

Those christmas lightnings
Those christmas feelings
Those christmas snowing
makes me feel lonely
makes me feel lovely
makes me feel lively

For i see couples
clinging on to each other
then they start giggling
then they start kissing
then they start smiling

you turned

will one holds your hand
with love in the air.

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