November 14, 2006

Maybe, mondays aint always blue.

(Aaron's $200++ Ed Hardy cap. LOL.)

On monday, went to watch "Step Up" with Eug and Trix. It's a great movie man! What's more, the price for 3 tickets were actually $19.50 but the lady return me with $7 bucks. I was kind of stunned when i got back the change but didnt bother to tell her, so we spread the money. HAHAH. So, one movie turned out to be like $4+.

Random us.

Here's the Starbucks Coffee.

"Looked at signboard."

Here's the gym signboard(or whatever).

You can choose to kick or jump. LOL.

In some nike shop while Eug tried her clothes.

(Notice i eat kfc, notice my hand. ;p)

The "shark" scares the girl. LOL.

The "shark" transformed.

Octopus' mouth. =O

Yes, i forget to mention that i bumped into a girl in school(in the lift) wearing the same top as me. She didn saw me so i asked Desmond to see, then i tell him "i look better with that top." LMAO!

I like this abstract piece.

"With dreams behold."

I didn mean to act cute, i put on a self-timer. =/


You spotted four legs and two fingers! Heh.

Anyways, Trix and me walked around to look for gifts for the exchange programme(with japanese). 'Cos we're with the japanese guys, we need to buy gifts that meant for guys(and singapore-feel). We walked for a very long time and went to Galleria. We bought this merlion which costs $15. WTF.

The pink and white merlion. HAHHAH. But it's actually quite cute, just with the price. =[

Monday the 13th is quite a good day, i spotted cheap nice clothes(showing my aunty face). Then we've got cheap movie to watch. Then i got noticed in school and some guys actually followed me(and friends). They wanted my number but never in the end. They must've notice the stamp in their eyes. LOL.

I found out in my photos or the people i go out with aint males, what the hell am i becoming? HAHHA.

Crap, lame.. i'm straight.

Anyway, i sincerely thanks the "unknow" and "-" for leaving me comments, but can you just tell me your real name? It's kind of scary you know.

and YES, today is Anna Nicole birthday.


Be pretty and happy always. =D

It's funny when someone said
"You're so small"

..small in size.

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