November 17, 2006

I dont get life, so life gets me.

On wednesday, there's this exchange program between Hamamatsu Higashi High School(from Japan) and Nanyang Polytchnic. My partner is Hakamata Noriyuki and we're in group 8. Actually i was kind of disappointed with my group mates, 'cos i wanted visual appeals. LOL. But they're actually quite cute after chatting with them. Though i dont understand what they're talking.

I wanna learn japanese language.

During teabreak at S475,

This is the guys from my group.

At the hall or something. A skipping rope competition is going on. Where the group members stand in the same place and jump through the ropes together. My group only manage to suceed jumping once together after much tries. A one minute time is given.

I think the japanese girls are hot. So is most of the guys.
Why wont i be the same as them? LOL.

My boyfriends for the day. HA.

The above surf-boy is my exchange gift partner.

This guy is cute and funny. I was sitting down and then he tap my back, so i turned. He then show action to take photo of me. HAHAH. I though i got alot of charm but thinking back, when i'm in some japanese school.. i'll request the japanese to take pictures with me too. ;p

So the night falls and it time for them to leave.

The last group photo i requested.

This is Trix's anata,

where's mine? LOL.

This is Jess and Trix.

This is my cute red car. LMAO.

..and this is Rong Song(Lue Song nickname).

Is this doll cute?

From Yuki. Heh.

Let's rewind the tape back. This is what happen on tuesday when Trix and me were waiting for Gerry.. to tell us more about the exchange program.

Retro-ness YO.

Four eyed VS two eyes. LOL.

Two little fingers.


Last but not least,

Trix tie her hair, and she help me tie.

Okay, during night time.. went to cck park to celebrate Anna's birthday.

Anna with Jess, Wen, Xue.

To say the truth, i spend super long hours with this post. So people if u happen to see this, can you please comment?

TO unknown: So you mean you see me almost everyday?

I'm in school now.

My mind is blank, update again.

Just a little
Just a few actions
will brighten up
the day of mine
like saying hi
with the waves
and smile of yours.

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