November 27, 2006

It's raining, like raining.

Just now, i saw this advertisement of Rain's concert on TV. The tickets is so damn expensive can. The cheapest is like 188++ Anybody too rich and wanna give the ticket as my BIG birthday gift? LOL.

But again, so what if so much money is spend just to watch the concert? Will Rain be my friend? NO. =/

I wonder why everytime when i'm just too tired, when i try to take a nap at the sofa.. my handphone(or house phone) ring like nobody business. They just dont want me to cure my eye bags. =[

Nevermind, i shall try to sleep early!

Okay, so today i didn went to the fondue(with Project O) in Eug's house. I'm kind of indecisive about it, 'cos i want to know more people but then it's weird suddenly like BOOM to a group of people. And 'cos i'm too tired, i went home to sleep.

Anyway here's some pictures taken on the way from school to MRT station. Heh.

Point point, check out the carpark. Eh no, check put the colors of the tops! HAHAH. Jess = blue, Trix = blue + white, Eug = white. ;p

Jessica, Eugenia and Trixy. The japanese wannabes? I'm the 109 "chilli girl" 'cos i'm tanned. LMAO!

We're the black and the whites. We've got very opposite in character and looks but we still click quite alot! Good friends we're be! LOVE. =D

And this is how mirror(or symmetry) works. LOL.

I've got work on tuesday! Which happens to be tomorrow from 2 - 9. I havent work on weekdays before and i wonder how it's like. Anyway, do pop out and visit me! It's kind of bored you know. Lol.

To end, here's one of my drawings i done last week.

Hip hop boy?

with luck, there's someone
beside you, who doesnt notice
the slight glaze in your eye,
a fracture of the light
not attributed to lust, for once.

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