November 29, 2006

I'm just some invisible.

Yesterday during work, i heard from Lynn they're transfering me to Raffles City. I was like HUH, and quite sian-ness 'cos if i really transfer there i need to re-make friends with the colleagues, i've to be farmiliarise with the environment again. So Jamal say he will called and confirm with me if i'll be staying at PP of RC.

But yesterday is still a happy day. =D

The famous cookie i brought to school is very yummy. The tom yam cup noodle i ate is double yummy. I haven eat cup noodles for like few months already. Dad and mum fetch me home from town after work. Then we ate supper at chua chu kang park. It's the first time i ate there. So we ate stingray, mee goreng, satay and rojak. Although they seems to be very unhealthy for a supper, i still feel very nice!

And i forget to mention, they're back since saturday midnight.

There's something quite funny during work. YT came to visit me and it's like the first time i saw him, and i asked him how's i'm like. He said i didn dare to look at him as if he's ugly. LOL. And he say i'm funny and super shy.

Besides that, i saw Larry with his two girl(female) friend. I dont know why my face turned pale so i didn really said hi or bye.

I think to turned pale is my normal reaction when i saw some farmiliar peeps all of a sudden. If you dont believe, try asking my friends. ;p

I DIDN GO SCHOOL TODAY(for the very first time).

At first i wanted to go for the twelve o'clock lesson but i change my mind.

My phone didn ring, no calls nor sms. =[. No one cares if i'm school or not man. Nevermind, i shall try to finish up the homeworks and then sleep more. My eyes bags and dark circles is very serious. =/

Eug just called and i think only she cares. Ha. Thanks, i love ya!

I know now what is blindness:
it is to see only mirrors.

In the dark, where nothing
ask for outline, the clarity
of touch suffices; and fear
is another name for trust
not yet uncovered. I know now

that the fullness of the heart
is the burden of ourselves
made completely aware
of the world we must live in;
that the soul is just
another word until it learns
to hurt. What i did not know

is how love come comes to life;
how glass shatters in the dark
and brings no answer; how
you reach into my world
and show me the shape of things,
the shape of things.
City of Rain by Alvin Pang

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