November 24, 2006

I'm stuck, like stuck.

To Anna: Let's go eat fondue someday! =D

To Dom: I agree with you. I think that's all so illusion. Anyway since long u noted, so how's everything? Been long since i last saw ya. Heh.

To Xiuhui: YOO xiuhui! =D

To Jiajun: Hahaha. Yeap, i'm like always zhilian. Hmms, but we still bump into school at times. =)

To Max: Lol. =)

I think at times i'm a person too hard to understand.

Why is it that sometimes a person is too quiet and when she change to become a litlle noisy, everyone stepped back.. and then you see the fear - the fear in their eyes. Everything changing, the heart is changing, the mind is changing.. so shall the mouth changes too?

Why is it that a person with no temper suddenly changes to have a little temper.. there's this looked she dont understand?

I guessed i just have to accept the world have to give.

Why is it that when you wanted to broaden the cycle of friends, people may think you're trying to be famous? Why is it that humans cant be simple just by thinking everything(or everyone) simple?

Why do huamans think one is desperate when she neglect the one her hearts truely like, and then she keep thinking she might get a better one? She just wanted to find the one she think may last longer, and perhaps there's this noise adding on. Her heart is dead, closed, and probably in fear. There's this low self-esteem lingering on.

Those of what is me.. and i agree i maybe desperate at times.

Suddenly my mind is full of the module "Communication Skill". We've learn a topic called self-esteem. So, i took some quotes the teacher have shown us..

"If you give up when it's winter, you'll miss the promise of spring."

"It is never too late to become what you might been."

"It is not because things are difficult we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult."

Anyway, i shall post the photos taken on Sunday.

We're eating in Long John's Silver.

Xue took a candid of me.

So i took candid of her too. Heh.

The both of us. =D

Then we got to this shop at fareast and an idea pop out in my mind. That is to wear the wig and SAY KONICA.

HEH. How do we look? =/

Reflections we love,

along the escalator.

The "Underwater World" at Wisma Atria.

Then i points at the fishes like some aunties choosing fish. Jeah.

Along the shops we shopped,

Dresses interest me the most. Ugly? Lol.

So there's another water world at the bustop outside Plaza Singapura.

A picture with it. ;p

Time for home,

So check out the shades, and us.

Some abstracts.

Go there, yes?

How carefree can carefree be?

I need to sleep already. I've got alot photos owe. Posting pictures in my blog have become a habit already.

And ya, i'm home alone but it doesnt matter.

If a child live with criticsm
he learns to condemn.
If a child live with hostility
he learns to fight.
If a child live with ridicule
he learns to shy.
If a child live with fear
he learns to be apprenhensive.

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