November 21, 2006

If the quiet between words is also a language.

I copy the twist from a jap guy. ;p

Can you fall in love just by chatting with a person online? The answer is yes and no. 'Cos it's is the heart's choice whether to feel or not.

On sunday, i went out with Xue.. then walked around in town. I bought one top and a shorts.

On monday, i went to Eug house for chocolate fondue. Then i kept getting bashed up by Sir(Aaron) and Sek(Desmond) by the pillows. ARGHH. But overall, it's fun.. almost all the classmates went.

In school, there's this group of guys(who followed my friends and me last week) asked for my name. LOL.

In Oschool, i went for my second open class(which was Street Jazz). I kind of feel lost 'cos i dont know(or catch up) the dance steps, and also.. i dont really click with anyone except Eug.

And i found out i dont have any baggy pants.

I want to love(or like) someone deeply. But that one must love(or like) me too.

Truely, deeply, madly.

I'm tired, really.

the first time you sees me
there's this urge you wanna
take care of me
have trust with that faith
go beyond that border
and we may go on
for as long as possible.

doors are not the answer, are windows?

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