October 27, 2006

Frown, it's blue.

I dont know why i feel kind of down. Those emotions i dont understand.

Some time ago i promise my mum i will buy her a pair of slippers. Some time ago i promise my ah ma i will make her a pair of glasses. Some time ago i promise my brother that i will buy him a cap. Some time ago i make a promise i will do something for dad.. urm no?

Perhaps being a good daughter.

Some time ago i told myself not to be so narcisstic.

..I still do even if my face look horrible. I stick out my tongue and making my eyes look even smaller ;p

I deny the fact that i care, for alot of them.

It's weird when you know someone likes you, you am happy. It's weird when that person confess, you feel question-mark. It's weird when you already know some things from the start and when that person tells you, there's a wall formed, then drifting apart.

Why life this way? Why live this way?

A long time ago i fall. And then i fall. Then i fell.

The end.

So much so much
runs through this small
small tiny brain of hers
like millions of mystery
she never understood
She frown harder
harder and harder
all was left
was wrinkles that
cannot be solve.

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