October 18, 2006

A stop to love or a stop to love?

Do you get what that means?

I think i'm horrible, really horrible. For.. i dont know.

I think humans are quite contradicting. One such example is when you've got no one to fond for you, you start thinking you're not that bad.. why dont they fall for you or something. Then when someone fond for you and fall, you asked yourself.. there are so many pretty babes around who look more pretty and sexy, why dont they fond for them? I think, humans is WOO wee WOO.

I'm scare of commitments, or rather i scare i cant get the same amount back. OR RATHER i cant give back the same amount. Whatever it is, i'm so pack this days i may die of fautigue(sp?).

But again, when you feel you gonna die 'cos of that fautigue, you hope there's a shoulder to "die" on. BUT you become sooooooo choosey(sp?) of that shoulder that you still have that wall to "die" on. You keep thinking AIYA there bond to be a stronger and firm shoulder.

Then you AIYA, you miss the previous' shoulders again and again. AND you die with your own shoulder. You feel down but you know you will be fine soon.

So is it an entry to that heart or no entry to that of?

I REALLY DONT KNOW, 'cos i dont know what i want.

..and i know how some feel for me.

Dont try to guess who i'm talking about, i'm just saying what i feel for my entire life.

Give me a reason why you like me,
dont tell me i'm special
'cos special doesnt worth
dont tell me there's no reason
'cos there bound to be something
dont tell me i'm your type
'cos that type dies off
dont tell me i can give you forever
'cos you dont give me forever

..or am i just the reason to like?

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