October 15, 2006

New semester marks a new beginning.

School reopening tomorrow. I hope i will get to know more new people and of 'cos, to do better in my result. Maybe a GPA of 3.5? =
Anyway there's a new shopping centre at harbourfront(which is now the biggest shopping mall in singapore) named Vivo city. Eug and me went there on friday(after we went school to buy books). We took pictures and shop.

Check out here..

(My face look abit stiff. Hahah.)

We came across this sign board and took the picture. Actually Eug and me were kind of shop-hunting to take pictures of Eug-know-who have take pictures before. We even follow Eug-know-who favourite hand sign, which is the "thumbs up". For your info, that "thumbs-up" pose is addictive. WEE.

Sweet Candy Empire.

I forgot what shop is this, Armani? Or some other brands.

I'm trying to copy the model pose. For the top picture i'm opening my mouth, of you-can-see. And for the bottom, i'm just trying to act cool.

So the reflections in the toilet.

I look fat in my tummy =[

Toy 'r' Us. We asked some secondary student to help us take the picture.

...with Mr Giraffe :D

BEST, where you found your electrical appliances and etc.


After, we went to Zara. At first we wanted to try out some nice dress and take a picture of them. Guess what? In the end we see the dress look pretty good on us so we bought it. IT COSTS 75 bucks. My ever so ex-dress and first dress. Eug bought a yellow and i red. WOO.

..Nice? And for your info, part of my hair is tied. My first time tieing that way.



Carl's Jr,




AND yea, i bump into Anthea at "The Chicken Rice Shop". It've been quite some time since i saw her.. and take a picture too?

..Jolly good. HAHAHHA.

Anyway, today is grandmama(mum's mum) 70 years old birthday. So my relatives and my family went to the Sakura at Science Centre to eat. I SEEMS TO EAT ALOT. I'm quite upset when my relatives say i've grown fatter and rounder. Nevermind, maybe growing fatter means i got more luck(chinese saying of fa fu).


..may you stay healthy and lifely.

The younger ones went to K-Box after and we sing and sing.

Pictures next time.

YA, I BOUGHT A NEW SPECTACLES which is of metal frame blue and white. How does that combination sounds? Lol. When i wear it i feel so giddy, as if i was having fever.. so when will i be adapt to it? If not i gonna find the spectacle's shop problem. And i'm rather sad 'cos when i went to collect my spectacles, a new range of metal frame spectacles come. THE DESIGN SO NICE AND SPECIAL LAH. =[

I told myself:
"Please dont.. fall in love"

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