October 14, 2006

Best wishes to you.


...My first love.

I wonder if you will see this post on my blog. But whatever it is, i miss you.. do you? For i suddenly remember today is your day.

Thanks for the memories in the past. I remembered running several bustops just to take a bus.. I remembered you came all the way in the night by riding your bicycle.. I remebered you singing songs(especially Jay Chou - Qing Tian) while playing the guitar.. I remembered celebrating autumn festival with you.. I remembered, I remembered alot of things. For all of them is happy.

You're the first guy who held my hand, my first kiss, my first hug and also the first guy who bought me valentine's present? Lols.

May you found your love, and YES study hard.

Be my long long friend
'cos there's no forever
so long long friend
we're always be.
No goodbyes
'but see you soon.

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