October 28, 2006

New layout, new look, new beginning.

So i did something to my blog. The main pictures, colors and etc. I think i like this layout more cos it seems more happy and lifely. YES.

So i did something to my hair too. I dye black, ar no.. the color was written violet or something. The color can be seen under light so it usually appears black. The salon's lady said the color will fades off, and this makes me rather upset cos i wonder what color it will fades to. Please no ugly ugly. And now i look like some secondary school kid ;p

I trim my hair too.

I cried just now during some scenes in "Liao Zai". I think i'm too emo already. I usually dont cry and i wonder why i do. I cried last night while reading someone's blog too.

I get rather pissed or easily pissed, especially in school.

I'm happy over some news yesterday..

I'm starting work at Roxy(Pacific Plaza Outlet) on 4th November(which falls on saturday). I wonder how it'll turn out to be like. Wish me lucks? =D

And today(28th October) will be my second last day at Zingdo. Monday will be my very last day.. goodbye and thank you.

Blank blank blank.
I've got nothing now.
No regrets?

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