October 13, 2006

If you say i'm nice, am i really?

So i'm back from the chalet. Miss me anyone? I doubts, cos i dont have much tags(or comments) though i saw an increase of my okcounter.

The overall of the chalet is okay. I'm kind of disappointed 'cos we didn cycle, swimming, wild wild wet and etc. 'Cos the flashback of dss 4E2'05 chalet came to my mind. We cycled from pasir ris to changi village to see AH GUAS. Then we swim and pitch a tent. Flashback of Wan came back too.

But i'm happy 'cos i've got a chance to stay overnight. Heh.

And here's the photos we took for the first day. We went to the dirty beach.

We're left alone, to walk on this lonely road.

The park..

..where you're able to see life.

The beach..

..where the sand says: "Pen down your thoughts."

So here's what we did,

..Remember she's Eugenia.

Besides that,

..Remember i'm Jessica.

Both of us,

J and E.

The greens,

..where you see green. Lol.

Besides those.. we did cam-whore session in our rooms.


This is Aaron and Desmond.

The gay friend. LOL.

Mirror reflect us,

Dont they? :D

The normal shots,


And here's a video taken by Aaron(my sir who call me LULU, MARIA)...

The first night we played truth and dare. There was a number of forfeit involed. So, i got one forfeit too. That is to kiss someone's cheek. o_o. At first Eug asked me to kiss either Aaron or Daniel(which i've to pick), so i gt stunned awhile. So guess whose cheeks i kiss in the end?

I kissed Robin! Lol.

(And for your info, i aint screaming.. it's Eug's voice. =\)

There's also forfeit for others like, Aaron was asked to run around with his boxers, Soon Tong asked to dance like William Hung, Jerms and Yiling asked to make nine funny faces and etc.

What if someone confess in a truth game? Then everyones know he likes you. Moreover of another truth question.. they asked "How many person you like before in your life?". He answered ONE.

Stunned, cos the person is you.

In the midst of the game, a cockroach intruded the place. So it's hunting time..

But to no avail, they cant find.. NOT EVEN THE CORPSE.

We played memory game too. it seems like some black magic. HAHAH.

Who have the best memory? Scratch heads.

The second night we did barbecue and stuffs.

They're handling the charcoals.

More to go..

The three musketers(sp?). LOL.

The formals.

The four flowers(said by Aaron). LMAO!

The aftermath.

The group.

Does we look like superstars?

..on red carpets? HAHA.

Eng Hua's shirt written,

"Republic Polytechnic", aint we from Nanyang Polytechnic?

Bidding goodbye,



Is it HOT in here or is it JUST ME? =/

Anyway, i drank last night.

I went to meet Jackson and his friends at town. It was the first time i see him in real person. Luckily we got talked and didn seems that awkward. So we went to watch "Scoop" at Plaza Singapura. Before that, a number of stuffs happened 'cos of some NC16 show.

The movie was alright i suppose. But i feel the horrible in my nose, i was using my mouth to breathe all the well. UGLY, ugly.

I shall skipped to the main point.

They asked me if i wanted to go to Clark Quay, so i followed. They walked into a pub(but that pub is very small and kind of quiet). I know i must drink already. To speak the truth, this is the first time i went there.. and i always drink sips at home. Knowing that beer or alcohoc is bitter, i dont like. I was kind of scare also 'cos i dont know if i'll get drunk.


Be my love
for you'll see
a smile
a sparkles in the eyes
and that of
the happiness of
you and me
'so let me feel motivated
towards life.

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