October 8, 2006

Just a plain ol' kid, J.

I shall illustrate a number of scenario.

You're in a busy street around orchard. Then you notice a farmiliar face. That farmiliar face was just a person away, but both of you are walking opposite direction. So, that explain why the person didn notice you. And because you're so much shorter and wore a cap. So, i miss saying Hi face-to-face to Weiliang.

You're still in that busy street. You saw an ice-cream car and got tempted to eat. You bought one and continue to walk. You notice a roadshow is going on and there's a lot of roadshow's girls taking balloons. Then there's this girl who walked over and passed you a balloon. She gave you a blue one but you asked to exchange for a white one.

You're in a shop at heeren. You supposedly touch the toys at the shop. The salesman saids you can continue play with the toy AND can even bring home. LOL, is he joking or saying the truth? You've got no idea. You went to another shop.. and started to touch some toys again. The salesman said you'v misplaced the toy and smiled too.

To conclude those scenario, i think they sees me as a kid. HAHAH.

Here's the picture taken yesterday.

In the train.

Upon reaching or destination to meet Jianlong.. I saw this and feel the urge to take pictures again.

Do try this when you saw this kind of mirror. Aha.

I'm a tomboy and she's a lady.

..that's makes us a couple. LOL.

There's definately something girls like to,

..that's to take their reflection in the toilet.

So, we went to this korean restuarant at far east. The food was okay. Jianlong ordered seafood fry rice and i think it's nice. Eug ordered kimchi fry rice and i think it taste kind of weird.

The appetizer.

So they begin to eat.. and i begin to take pictures.

She's trying to kiss me. LOL.

We went to wisma atria.

The mirror reflects us.

In the roxy shop(or whatever).

I wore quite casual to town. =
I always like this escalator view.

So i asked them to look up. QUICK. Lmao.

On the way home, we saw this flock(correct word?) of birds.

I wanna capture it but it goes too fast.

We're sitting awhile outside somerset station.


And here's the story of a lonely girl..

So alone. And she spots the camera.

To end..

The station!

Anyway, i think i'm ugly this days.. cos of a pimple on my face that look like mole, and then a scratch mark below my nose. ARGHHHHHHH. To hell with you, so please recover fast.

I will be going to chalet from monday to wednesday. Miss me anyone? Shrugs.

The children smile
Shy as creation
Reminders that some things
Are not reduced for having happened
Any number of times before
*aaron maniam

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