October 31, 2006

I dont want to get lost, feeling loss..

Yesterday was my last day at Zingdo. Though i dont really like the job, there's this sadness that lingers on. I feel the ache suddenly when i'm working. On the other hand, i feel the excite for the new job. Why are humans so damn contradicting?

Sometimes i just hope i'm an alien. Perhaps with only one eye, one hand and etc.. meaning i'm only left with one choices to choose.

If you feel someone is walking away to that door of yours, you feel kind of sad. You feel that emotions is rushing up, then to your heart. You feel a little ache, then you feel something in your eyes. It aint tears, just sorrows. Why?

Is that love? Or just a sense of loss? Or is that a sense of empty?

Should i help the fish out of water? Or should i just see it die? Can i just save it and dont take care of it? Humans are just lazy in a sense that they want something but dont want to have commitments. That also mean humans are greedy.


Fcuk my emotions.

That word sorry
cant be your girl
have a great impact
you frown
then you sigh
then you think
why it aint possible
why no try
and a no come about

You think
she's so close
yet so far
You dont feel
yet in love

She drags on
cos she scare to
lost a friend
once again
feeling a sense
of loss
of ache
and then
starts to roll.

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