September 16, 2006

Tired aint a thing, just physically it is.

Sometimes, mentally is a more of a torture to one's body. Alright, i'm supo tired now.. i ache like an egg. HAHA. I know ache dosent have link with egg but i think they both sounds nice together.

So, being reprimanded or just being said hurts me(It refers to other things too). I know they meant well but i'm sensitive. I know i'm a new crew and i go through that kind of training in previous jobs too. Feeling a little lost 'cos i dont know some of the stuffs, OR MAYBE MOST.

The crew over there is great, they're friendly and helped me alot. They keep joke that i'm so small and if i hide behind some wall.. they cant see me. LMAO. Sometimes being the joke by people is a happy thing 'cos it seems they notice you.. eh?(But not to so much of an extend). Anyway, i think the hot plate over there is heavy.. especially for someone like me.

Hmms, i hope seeing this over here will make me fall asleep.

I think i'm crazy, i should be sleeping already 'cos i've stand so much this days.

And sometimes when i am standing outside the shop.. i saw alot of couples of my age, they held hands and etc. Okay, is not like i never see before but suddenly something come to my mind. I so hope someone(i know or dont know) come to the outlet and eat(or walk past). Then this someone i will always see when i'm working. Then one fine day he wait for me to finish work, wanting to know me(if i dont know him). And he looked at the way i do things and etc, sometimes smiling at me for being so careless(BUT HE MUST BE SOMEONE of ma age, then not that bad-looking?). LOL. Aint that sweet and dramatic? It comes from TV scene i suppose.

So life is just not fairy-tale, but so hell-ly.

Be ma guardian angel
eh no
Be my devil who clings on
tightly to that
heart of mine.

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