September 15, 2006

It feel like the past.

I've found a new job at Jurong Entertainment Centre. The outlet is named Zingdo, it sells Korean food. I hope i will adapt to the environment soon.

*I will post the menu either tomorrow or saturday. Teehee. (With the help of snap snap-camera)

Yesterday was my first day and they asked me to work from ten to ten. LOL. Later on, i gonna work from eleven-thirty to ten-thirty. I think my legs am jelly now. Anyway, i saw three farmiliar faces when i'm working.. saw Joy, Ryfana and Reeve. BUT, they didn buy food from the outlet. =[

I feel working there is like Mos Burger 'cos of the badana on my head and also the apron. Hmms...

I feel like i'm some traitor(maybe not that serious), 'cos i move from Japanese food to Korean food. But in actual fact, i only found out the place i working is korean food till yesterday. Ha.

Anyway, people.. just visit me. I'll happy to see farmiliar faces. And here's some motivation to go.. THERE's STUDENT MEAL BETWEEN 2PM - 5PM on WEEKDAYS. :D


YES, did i mention the day before(wednesday).. i nearly fall down from the stairs and may go haywire. Luckily my mum was infront of me blocking if not i will roll and roll. My legs go too pain too, cos i wore a heel.

I cant stop myself hiding away from the camera. =\

I like this two pics somehow.

I seems so emo, but yea. The sun will always come in the rain.

Random shots...

And dosent this looks good? I'm at food republic - wisma atria.

Nasi bryani(sp?).

My reflections once again.

i'm a jail bird in that lift of mine.

In that shoe shop..

I think i look as if i got a big head.

And that's my backview.

HAHA. I like da top.

In takashimaya..

Those rolls of cups.

Way home..

I found out life's so contradicting.

Sweet home.

I wonder when will someone make me blush and skips a lil. Or that butterflies in my stomach.

Do you miss
the strangers who past
Do you miss
that farmiliar backview
Or do you miss
This fellow named J
just over here.

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