September 17, 2006

Practically everyone is changing, so is their heart.

Still, i forget to take the flyer which got the menu on. =[

Just now, i surprisingly saw two people.. Eliza and Freman. Am kinda happy 'cos i haven see them for long.. and i wonder why do i always saw Freman when i was working(last time was zone x). I think it's too much of coincidence. Lol. Anyway, do visit me often! *grins

Suddenly, i dont know what to update about.. just that i miss lots of people. And have been writing testimonials to some of them.. 'cos i last saw them like months, or more than half a year. Aint that long? and i wonder do i still stay a place in their memories..

Work like your penniless
Love like you wont get hurt
Sing like no one listening
Dance like no one can hear
Enjoy like there's no tomorrow
Gaze like there's sun tonight.

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