September 18, 2006

Forgotten one, should try to be remembered.

Sometimes i think.. Since i'm so quiet(at times), if i gone missing.. will i be remember or will i just be erase like some what of thin air? Most probably like thin air.


Anyway, went to Waseda Shibuya Senoir High School yesterday. Again, i got to see alot of japanese handsomes and pretties. Melts. I've become quite thick skin and pluck up some courage to take pictures with a number of them.

Upon entering..

I look so frugly ugly here and looking so fat. Damn.

We're bring around to the school campus by this "tour guide" -Kenji(i suppose this is his name).

That "mask guy" actually pose for me. HAHA.

And i happen to saw this..

Aint it cute? An old man, a dog and a tree.

This is the decorations..

Pink pink paper balls?

This is the mr chef.

Dont he look evil? *Smirks.

This is the first japanese i notice. He's really funny. He do sort of funny actions so i ask him to take picture with me.


This is our "tour guide".

Group photos of Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club.

The haunted house.

I happen to saw this guy with makeup. He's the second guy i ask to take photo.. and the "CLINIC" spoilt the picture. Ha.

There's this classroom which sells really cheap stuffs.

For auntie like me, i definately bought something. I bought two tops which costs $1 each. Teehee.

We didn manage to get coupouns for the food and etc. All of us went very hungry.

...and this was what i took from the canteen. Mr Dear Sotong.

There's also tea ceromony..

Of all we love the mochi. 'Cos that's the only food we have. LOL. And the green tea is definately so bitter for me, moreover it taste like seaweed. Hmms, we're supposingly were the loudest in the tearoom i think. xD

The play room.

The third guy i took picture with? He's so handsome and friendly. LOVE. =D


Handsome guys! MUAHAH. but i look damn ugly there. Anyway for the second picture(counting from the bottom), do you think that maid we took picture is a male or female? Male. He's pretty and his skirt is damn short. Lol.

We're at the stage.

My stage. :D

Bidding goodbye.. Though there's still next year. And i'm a strong girl. Ha.


Work tomorrow. Bless.

Count the number
of wrinkles on your face
and you'll know
how much your thoughts
went through
and leave that deep.

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