April 23, 2006

"follow your heart"

hmms, went out with mum to bugis yesterday. it was great lah cos i bought a number of clothes and got to watch dance competition set up by levi's. althought i merely watch da solo part.. i'm already like WOW, especially da way da males dance.. they're very soft and flexible. lol.

i saw eng hua and tin at bugis too. they're buying present for meishyan's birthday. heh. liting saw me when i was crossing da road, i didn see her. and again, ray[who i didn see for like so longggggggg] called and said he was just beside me but i didn saw him. i guess ma eyes aint eyes cos i couldnt see farmiliar faces who are just beside me. i remember mr cow told me i was in da same shop with him and his gf, and i didn see him too. MUAHAHA. ma eyes are rather on ma nose? xD

okay, here's some pictures taken from sentosa. more pictures will be coming when eugenia send me da photo. but this time round, no much pictures but faces of me in there. LOL.

we're on da tram. ma hair is flying. o_o.

candid again. well, eugenia is waiting for me.. i'm coming! ROFL.

we're thinking about stuffs. shrugs.

yea, we're somewhere near this island.

leave me alone.


i'm dead, laughing. HAHA.

i think i really look like i've got alot of problems. shit me.

see ma face and ya'll know how it feel like to kiss with a lemon. LMAO.

yellows. o_o


they say. your heart doesnt speak like how da voice in your head does.

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