September 12, 2006

Still Fantasy.

I bought Jay Chou's album already. I'm happy.. and i like the song "Listen to your mama."

AND I CHANGE MY LAYOUT AGAIN. HEH. Though i got no photoshop, i found out picsa is quite helpful. I did that layout picture using powerpoint, microsoft photo editor, paint and then picsa. Aint that picture soooo long-winded? =\ I too did some effect to some of the pictures.

And then i was trying to act artistic. If you were given a ring.. just how much of the world can you see or perceive?

I was feeling rather bored so i try my jumping skills again. I'M GOOD. LMAO.

Tweety setting off.

.. FLYY. I was trying to capture this when tweety is in the air[as in i throw it]. 'Cos i sorta saw a video that photographers do capture some really artistic photo by capturing a falling object.
I hope i can be like them, shrugs.

And there's some fact about me. I find it hard to bite an apple or pear or etc. For that small apple over there, i spend like half an hour. LOL.

Last but not least, this is a book i highly recommend. I mention it in my previous post before. NICE.

It's available in library i guess? 'Cos i borrowed from there. Ha.

Hmms, i've been sleeping rather late this days. I wonder why. And i too wonder who have been my regular peeps of who i know or dont.

I saw you
then i dont
i saw you again
then i dont
so is this called fantasy still?

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