September 20, 2006

Life is hilarious, at times.

I dont know how to explain why life is hilarious. Maybe, from my point of view it seems to be so. Maybe my life seems hilatious 'cos my life only consists of work and home. Hilarious dosent seems to be the word, it's empty.

Anyway i got my results already. I'm kind of shock what i've got.. but then again, i dont know why i got shock 'cos i dont have any expectations. From the start i just hope it is GPA of more than 3?

So here goes..

I got a GPA of 3.150, i wanna be better for next semester.
And will i get Japanese for elective?

Apart from results, went to grandmama house yesterday.
Took a number of pictures around her area.

I actually took a pictures of her backyard, and in the picture.. i happen to capture a black cat. When i actually capture it, it walked nearer and then it stare at me. I look at the pics i capture, every picture it looked at the camera. I find it scary so i delete all off, and cos something happen to my mouse last night that i find eerie.

There was an icecream car and man happen to be there.

He seems to be very tired.

After, went to Jurong Point. It've been like half a year i went there? The bus interchange change quite a lot and mum and me was like.. where's Jurong point? HAHAHA. Anyway, the mall still sucks with got nothing to shop although it seems so bloody big. =
We went to ntuc and i try my camera skills again.


Green green apple. :D

So, ntuc can be a good place to take pictures. But dont be caught by the people! HAHA. I'm acting suspicious there. =\

See the windmill
it says: "Rotate me"
Then ya rotate with your mighty force
you forget to notice
"With the help of the wind"
and all was put to waste.

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