August 22, 2006

Turning back, no?

I'm going back HITO to work. Great. That means i cant know new people already and i feel sad. Lols. The problem is i usually get to work four hours a days which is like bloody 24 bucks. Which total up a whole month of like 400++. If i deduct transport fees and food. I'm left with like 200? :[

Mickey, put me as many full days as possible. You know, this holidays i wanna earn back the money i spend.. which is like around thousand? Damn. So, let me earn at least a thou, for da seven weeks or less.

But i'm happy, 'cos i do miss da people there, the food and having to take bus as transport[190].


I'm becoming more vulgar in ma language already.

And yea, flu gonna recover in no time. Breathing with mouth open is ugly.. it also make ma lips even dry.


I've did alot of crazy stuffs to destress maself, also by being a cam-addict..

...with tweety.

I wanna try tying my hair like this. BUT ma forehead is bloody high.

Rabbit. =E.

The one-eye monster. *SCREAMS.


I try to tie a bun and then two plaits. Eheh.

A clown with a black nose. LOL. I know i look ugly, but its been ages since i put this thing. My nose CANNOT make it man.


J ways to destress - Eat, Sleep and Cam-addict.

I wanna be that happy girl
once more
so please dont come back
i'm erasing you
'cos you always makes history repeat

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