August 24, 2006

I need a numb.

Last night, i've so much urge to blog. And then the tooty blogger dont cooperate and make this urge went away.

One more paper tomorrow and this semester gonna end. What's more, till this hour.. i haven open the book and study. Bless me.


Last night on msn...

A says:
A says:
y u nv contact me
J says:
J says:
just sad lah
J says:
u nv contact me oso

The End

You should have reply and talk to me more. And do you mean i must always take the initiative to contact and look for you? I'm a girl, doing this over and over again is tiring. I feel insecure. So, please dont give me false hope. Lead your life and dont talk to me again. I'm running away.

If only you think you want to treasure me, be true.. take the initiative. AND please actions is better than words.


Two boyfriends are better than one.

Hell no. I need a damn one but now i need friends.


Wens says ma blog seems depressing.

I'm not depressed. Okay, maybe at times when i think too much. I blog about my feelings here when i dont really tell people. So people may come and read to understand. The feelings of the heart cant be always say out. In additional, sometimes i find talking tiring. HA.

I'll be back to be that happy girl after some time. I dont know when 'cos i lost hope in alot of things in life. As you see there's nothing called forever, there's no promises made. People said this, they forgot. And they forget that someone out there is waiting.. waiting for it to come true.


The coming days will be pack, so as the week after and after. Right, please carry on to be packed.

The soles of the feet
went through alot of hurdles
Be it muds or puddles
it still struggles

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