July 29, 2006

Be my knight

Hmms, went to school to hand up da vb project yesterday. Also to meet some classmates and do some e-quiz of digital electronics.

And aint you shock seeing this? I didn mean da chicken rice, but yea, the CHILLI SAUCE on the rice. HA.

This is how classmate DDSS eat.

Went to Amk to eat for dinner. The funny part is, only the "bitch" ate, and he split out his food and all. LOL.


I start to love ma cca - sakuran club more and more. Although the number of people who join aint much, but we do enjoy ourselves. Today, only seven of the junoirs come. We practise chingay 2006 and the seven of us went mad. We went HIGHH. Lol.

Meet Jm in the morning to take train together and also to have lunch together. We have lunched at Hito. I so miss them man, and still.. i haven seen Mr Cow somehow. They asked me to go back to work during holidays, i shall consider though.

Actually, Jm and me wanted to study but we got to tired so went home to sleep.

I saw this at da bustop. No.. I dont love James, i love some unknown though. And i dont know who is it now.


If you were given an empty shop, what will u put in? Or what you wanted to be specialist at?

For me, maybe i will fill it with love. LOL. But i know that's impossible though.. somehow, i hope i can transform it to a small studio with mirrors on it. SO, i can dance and to see da way i dance. Also, add some bed and food to it.. so i can be some OINK.

Now, i hope life aint like a train and speaking of which.. i dont really like trains. But i have to take it like for THREE YEARS or more.

'Cos trains have alot of doors to enter and to exit.. You may miss the fated one. Maybe da fated one is on da same train but they are on different ends. I like buses, cos you're able to look at scenary and pretty views. 'Cos buses only have one door to enter and two doors to exit.. You wont miss da fated one i suppose, cos you can see him/her aboard. Like how someone enter your heart and both align together.

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