March 20, 2013

[Sponsored] Eyelashes Extension by De Perfect Beauty

Beauty lies is in the eyes of the beholder...

Don't you just love and envy people who is born with thick, long eye lashes?

Freak not, now you can try eyelash extension!

So about three week ago, I tried out my first eyelashes extension. It was sponsored by De Perfect Beauty which is located at City Plaza.  They specialised in Eyelashes, Hair Extension and other beauty services.

Not only do they provide eyelashes services, they do have manicure and waxing services. For eyelashes extension, they have various kinds of eyelashes extensions like De Charming Lashes, De Barbie Doll, De Natural Soft Lashes, etc.

Here's a closer look of it...

I wanted to try out the Natural one instead but in the end, I tried out the Barbie Doll! You know how tiny my eyes is but... it turn out well! ;D

Not only was I tasked to tried out the eyelashes extension, my job was to video the process...

Andrea's "De Charming Lashes" eyelashes extensions of the whole process.

And yes, I must mention that it was sponsored 'cos of withAndrea&Marie.
They are now Youtube Partners and Sugarpill Afilliate! Watch their awesome hair and makeup video. Once in a while they have some haul videos too.

My overall experience was pretty okay, just the fact that my eyes keep blinking madly at the start. The whole process last about 1hr - 1.5hrs. It also depends what kind of eyelashes extensions you are doing. It can usually last about 2 - 3 weeks. If you know how to take care, maybe it can last about a month? The staff told me someone lasted for 3 months, she must be really careful and know how to take care of it.

The only part which was uncomfortable was when your eyelashes collect water when you are bathing, at the moment when you open you eyes. It feel a little painful. It's best if you tap your face dry before opening the eyes. Other than that, I guess it is perfectly fine.

I like the idea that with this eyelashes extension, I literally look like I am with makeup the whole time. Teehee. I went to touch up last week and now it's almost 3 weeks and still looking good!

The staff are really nice and friendly too.

They are really patient with first timers! Hahah!

Shall end of this post with a...


"Andrea and Jessica"
when you visit De Perfect Beauty and enjoy 10% off their eyelash treatments.

810 Geylang Road #02-47/02-48
City Plaza
Singapore 409286

Let me know what's your experience with eyelashes extension! ;D

A beautiful thought?

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