June 25, 2006


that number thirteen, it'll never change..

it been long time since i went swim swim, and i did on friday morning with xue. after, went to orchard to shop with eug.. and i bought two tops.

housefly look-a-like.

jess and xue.

reflections one.






jess and eugenia.

i'm trying to take pictures that got feel, ya know da artistic feeling? lol. cos i'm kinda influence by humans that can take nice pictures. i so hope i can.. so, let me try. grins.

take one - with dreams that fly.

take two - awaiting mail.

take three - that number that locks.

take four - busy street.

take five - that alley.

take six - tree.

ps. i dont know if da name/title suits da feel. heh.


the minute' hand strolls
the seconds' hand speed up
for that unknown
will bring you
a whole lot of
blushing butterflies

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