June 22, 2006

looking back

if ya take a second and think through da past, will you regret? frankly speaking, i regretted alot of stuffs but i shall hope for a better future.. for the least.

hmms, went back with yang on monday to take back o level certificate.

i'll always remember this school, which let me make friends and also having good friends. and yea, ma first love. last but not least, four-e-two class[remember da last gathering.. class chalet, cycling and all]. =D


jess, looking like some retarded statue.

and we happen to saw this when we went over to heeren...

some parts of B drops off..

i dont know if anybody remember da construction that happen just below ma block.. on that patch of land - basketball court. it's now ready and i can hear da sounds of bouncing ball! eh? LOL.


kids, so carefree.


i wanna have someone to piggyback me, and shout "she's the girl".

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