April 5, 2006

mind trick

i finally confess? i guess i did that indirectly. yea, he saw ma blog[cos i tell him da address] but well.. saying out is a relieve. i found out he got a crush on me before, i'm glad but it's also saddening. he GOT a girl, i got to remember this. and i know he love his girl alot. crushes crush to bit and pieces. but HEY, still be ma friend and not ma valentine? LOL.

i went for nyp orientation today. guess what? i was like da only girl who wore two-quarter pants[half] and slippers, cos almost everyone wore jeans and shoes. LMAO. i feel i was so special but i bet i aint.

and ya, when i reach nyp.. ma name wasnt in da namelist and i was asked to class fifteen[those ppl who have problems]. we were asked to proceed to theatre hall? i sat with class SIX from da start in da theatre hall. and when i thought something was not right, i went to da class on ma sticker - fifteen. LOL. class fifteen was da biggest class, total number of thirty-five people. wahaa. and it was quite fun having sucha big group. but when i started to know ma classmates well, and trying hard to remember their names.. i was in da WRONG class. one of da nyp staff came and told me i was in class FOURTEEN, they made a mistake.. ma name was there. imagine i only know that in da last THIRTY minutes. i was so lonely again, and i came upon two wrong classes. am i nuts in da head? o_o

ma new classmates were friendly ppl and i hope to know them more tomorrow, we were all be wearing black. IN. our cheer is funny cos our group name is called 'still thinking'. and ya, da food for lunch was like yuck.

i still have got two days of orientation.. again from eight-thirty to six. i hope no more lecturers talking cos they makes me sleep. and i rmb today there was this lecturer who thought he was funny but actually he wasnt. damn him.

hmms, i got a call from SP. da appeal was successful but i rejected it. now ma mind is all about NP. but if i'm left with no choice, nyp shall be it.


pardon for da previous entry, it's nth really.

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