April 8, 2006


i dont like da way ma heart skips.

i think i'm quite well-known in ma group. da second day was fun. in da morning, we was in da lecture hall doing maths, it was quite similar to amaths for some parts and i forget ALOT already. duh. and in da afternoon we play game. one game was forming a longest line with whatever stuffs ya have, our group won! TEEHEE. we were like mad people and our line was like three-and-a-half.

on da third day which is da last day.. we play some games and then we went to auditorium to watch a show. da student from different classes put up a dance and it was like so nice. and then da orientation group leaders put up a play. GREAT.

i'm liking NYP more, cos of ma classmates and ogl leaders. i think i wont go to NP, cos i dont want to part and then get together. as in making new friends again and again. i dont like this feeling.

i set up a blog for ma class or ma nyp life. HERE.

ma legs aching like hell. i gonna rest and i hope i can dance on sunday. =D


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