April 14, 2006


i'm tired really. i've been going out with ma classmates like from wednesday to friday. wednesday was an outing to ang mio kio, we played pool and blah. thurs was an outing to buy books. we went to bishan to eat lunch[at three o_o], and then to cityhall. we took losta pictures again.

today! we went sentosa.. i was a lil tanned. it was sunny at first but da clouds turned black. we get drenched and we were like so brr-ing cold. went off at around six to harbourfront, ate at da hawker center, walk ard in harbourfront mall.. and tata! i'm back home.

i'm sick lah, down with flu and maybe cough? i feel like i can blow off ma nose at any moment. LOL. i shall upload ma photos tomorrow. =D.

design done by kevin, colour by aaron.

when i start to follow ma heart,
to be focus..
i couldnt catch da attention of da one.

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