April 26, 2006

film strip

i'm rather amaze by ma life, at this moment.

jess and adrian.

this neoprints is taken like three years ago when i was in secondary two. it was damn funny taking neoprints with santa. i remember it was da first time i met him, and we were supposed to go to sengkang and watched a basketball match. in the end, he told me we can take da lrt from cck to sengkang. i was like HAHA. so i gave him a name called mountain tortise cum the mountain guy. LOL.

i remember i kept asking him where he wanted to go, and he kept saying "anything", "dont know". LMAO. so we sat at jurong east mrt station and after several trains past, i told him we should go jurong point. again, we walked rounds and rounds in da shopping mall and we stood outside da neoprint shop. we decided to take neoprints. we never close da curtain and we're rather shy. so every shot is like far apart and having da same smile. xD. and this was da first and last time i took a neoprint with a guy.

i remember we both like each other and confessed. ... ...

enough of da past. i gonna buck up on school work again. i'll try to cut down ma computer usuage which is rather hard. LOL. and yea, i hope i try to talk more like da past weeks.. i shouldnt keep maself isolating. ROFL.

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