April 28, 2006

no regrets?

i never confess to da particular a. but i guess i know what he means cos he's avoiding me by talking less? maybe is just how i feel but it seems so true that he feel that i like him.

but now.. i got this achq who cares for me. and cos of that.. ma heart slowly melts again. i dont know if there will be an outcome of this or rather like last time. we confess but never get together, again. and truly, i wonder why ma liking for someone can change like overnight or drop so fast.. maybe ma heart wasnt so secure but i'm sure i will be, when i find da real boy.


school have been rather fine. hmms.. during graphic design class yesterday we were asked to design a poster. i thought of santa claus and it comes out like this...

in actual fact, i think it dosent look really nice but i dont know why da camera capture it.. till it look like so nice. LOL.

a close up version. LOOK AT DA SENTENCES I FORM. xD.

we were "released" after da graphic design class around four. aaron went to photocopy lecture notes for our class. to kill our boredness, a photo is taken. HEHE.

take a look at part of ma new bag! i love it man, converse rocks although i dont know much about ENGLAND. lols.


and i truly miss achq now. he gave me a chocolate today in exchange with a packet of ma sweets. ma mum ate some and i ate da rest. grins. and ya, his hair is kinda long like girl and is blonde in colour.. i so hope he will cut it and dye it rather brown or black? HAHA. guys still look better in short hair though. xD.

santa claus is back.

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