April 25, 2006


i went for dance audition already! and it was like over a hundred people? WTH. imagine friday was like about da same amount of people.. do ya think a gal who dance like blockhead can enter da cca? SLIM.

hmms, we were taught a number of dances steps in an hour-or-so. we were to dance in a group of five during da real audition. we dance for around three times.. da first with senoirs, second was standing either da front/back and then third was to change position. i think i dance like a chimpanzee. wahaa. hey, i was in da first group to dance, with trixy and yammy and two other gals. i was like O__O, ya calling me.. i was vibrating during dance and also when i sat down. lmao.

i hope da senoirs there can see ma effort, maybe everyone is putting in effort but i really hope they can see MINE. xD.

school is like nine in da morn.. i'm still here 'dilly-dally' and not sleeping. WHAT DA BLACK!

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