March 18, 2006


there's something to happy about, i've got a place in polytechnic already! HOORAY. but then again, it's nt NP but NYP. ya see one Y makes a huge different, oh man. haha. anw.. if i didn get into np or sp, i will be studying in NYP - multimedia and infocomm technology. bless me people! :] anw, nyp is very fast on da appeal cases. LOL.

went out with fruities today. we went to cwp pizza hut and then back to lot one. LOL. what was we thinking? anna went off first cos she got something on.. and then da rest of us keep walking rounds and rounds in lot one.. trying to entertain ourselves. wahaa. it seems that lot one wasnt a nice place to shop for people who live nearby.. how boring can it be? shrugs. anw, we did took losta funni pictures in da neoprint machine inside da arcade. MADNESS.

i saw ma neighbour who live in da ninth storey. WOO. he's so so so sooooo handsome. lols! we're in da same lift with some other people and then i saw his side view. he was wearing this black and white nerd frame spectacle. wow, how nice can he look? haha. i know i'm mad.. but then again, ma mum say he's handsome, ma brother too. :] and ya, handsome guys and pretty lady is to see, nothing else.

ma new bf, mr balloon. he asked me not to work so hard for cash. LOL.

ahh, stupid gprs.. i still haven receive three photos i send frm hp to ma email. they BLUFF me. o_o. anw, more pics maybe in da next entry!

[edited/add ons]

thanks to anna, ma photos are receive, da hotmail treat them as junk mails, wth. :x

during way back after sentosa outing with xue, candid. AHH, ma eyes was closed.

during work, i ask mr cow[niubi] to take for me. AUNTIE me.

i'm off!

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