March 19, 2006

livin da vida local

one more lesson till da end of ma dance class. woos! i think i need to buck up on ma softness and having alot more tempo. i guess i gonna continue another part of modern living mtv dance - hip hop. i hope da cc set up da course earlier so i can master it sooner. TEEHEE.

i shall continue photo blogging.. :]

candid shot.

reflections reflects us.

ma eye bag look so black. o_o.

white sheep. MEH!

i know i lil chubby, with ba BA black sheep on ma head. LOL.

why work for cash? LOL.

showing ma teeths away, ugly but CANDID. lols.

da above are taken from wen's hp.

ARGHH, again i still dont understand why ma desktop couldnt upload pictures from blogger. [i've been uploading photos using ma brother laptop.] i've owe ma blog alot of photos.. sentosa outing one&two, outing with wen and fruities outing. DAMN. i hope ma desktop like me more, if nt i mus resize ma photo and upload in photobucket.. it's so troublesome. o_o.

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