March 23, 2006


can i say i miss that 'mob' so much? lol. i so hope i get into NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC. at least i'll have a chance to like hey, how are you.. in da same canteen or even da bustops. LMAO. i know i'm mad but i still so wanna go np, 'mob' is one of da reason, another is i feel da warmth from da polytechnic and then i can join dance as cca with stel. how great? and i can study civil and environmental engineering[although i dont know whether i like it or not]. duh. PLEASE REPLY FASTER, i'm desperate.

ya, did i say nyp send da enlroment package to me already? it's deadline is fifth of april and i gonna do a checkup a week before. i still gotta pay da school fees of ard four hundred? imagine i pay da school fees and i withdraw from nyp and transfer to np/sp, i cant get back all ma money. arghh. that means i gonna return ma mama some of da money. o_o.

enough of all those, now WORK. i dont have da feel to work longer.. i gonna work for next week and that it. i'm working for da sake of money now, having only like twenty-four bucks per day. wth.. well, it's betta then nothing afterall.


photos are up!

SENTOSA outing one with xue

ya see i'm wearing a tankini, and it's really sunny cos ma eyes is almost a line. xD.

i know i look rather funny at da back. muahaa.

i'm acting cute and i didn look at da camera.


SENTOSA outing two with stel and xue

i know i look weird with tube and bikini but i'm shy to wear bikini alone. LOL.

candid shot by xue, i like this alot. THANKS XUE!


we saw this in da water, a lady told us it was a horse shoe crab and we keep shouting stingray. LOL.

shan & qian :]



Outing with wen

cheap neoprints. =D

did i say i love da mussles from mos? NICE.


it meant to be sissors[did i spell it correctly?], paper, stone. LOL.

she's trying to kiss me. x:,

i'm a peeping tom? eh, i dont think this is da right word. lol.

our face look sparkling. wahaa.

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