February 25, 2006


YOO! i'm back from da class chalet. well, da chalet was quite fun overall. we went cycling for da first day.. we went all da way to changi village to see ah guas. imagine there were sixteen people cycling in da streets in the midnight to one destination.. and then we must look out for each other. how does that sounds? lols. ma ass was like supo pain after da cycling. i think all of us cycle for like five hours.. including cycling to park, and all the way to and fro changi village.

we were like supo dooper whooper vegetable tired after da cycling. all of us didn do much for da second day. we've our barbeque, some classmates come and go.. mr oh came too. after da bbq, everyone was bored and then some of us went to da beach, we sat along da rocks enjoying da strong freezing wind. LOL. and then something happen.. some of us stayed at da beach and da other went back. this was da first time i slept at a tent[mingfen's].. woos. anw, we didn manage to watch da sunrise and we suffer from cold. o_o. and ya, i dont know if i will snore when i sleep, i suppose i wont.. but then i think i breathe very loudly. muahaa.

ah wan changed, alot i suppose. he drank alot at da chalet and then he smoke. he didn laugh as much.. and he wasnt like before. we were quite awkward and we behave like we just met. hmms, i sorta wants to know what he's doing in da chalet and like having a peep. duhs. i hate da feeling i'm having again.. i miss happy moments, miss his warmth and everything of him. and then, i saw his backview getting furthur.

first love

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