May 3, 2014

Happy 5th Year Anniversary

A dedication from me to you.

To my dearest boyfriend,

Thank you for being together with me for the past 5 years.

Looking back through this journey, it feels pretty amazing. We have been through so much. I still remember the first time I saw you across the street around our area, thinking who is this boy. Dance brought us together, as back then we share this same passion and dream. We join our first dance competition together,  perform and shine. We watched countless movies, visited countless places, ate countless goodies and many more.

I'm glad from the start I was so narcissistic. I bring my camera everywhere, and this is when we capture our memories. At times we have to thanks our friends who help us, not to forget our precious Mr Tripod. We like to explore different places, be it in the wilds, town and even around our neighborhood. Often this moments come by chance, an impromptu act. Another passion of us start to grow.

We began our journey to be an artist, an artist inside of us who tell stories through photography or videography.

You're someone who I can freely express myself. I go crazy, sad, happy and what's not. Sometimes, you understand myself more than I do, my expression says everything. We seems to have endless talk most of the time, to update each of our daily life or even to grumble the blues.

Let's work this journey together, always remember I will be there for you. We will not take each other for granted.

I love you, Alvin Thoo.

From your girlfriend,
Jessica Lim 

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