March 23, 2014

In the Wilds

We've got lost and back...

"Cos friends are the people around that;
makes you laugh a little louder, 
smile a little brighter 
and live a little better."

It've been really long since I did a shoot with Yingxin.

The shoot was rather impromtu and yes, she bring me to this forest-ty area! YAY Heheh. I love the nature. What's more the weather was pretty fine! The only bad thing was that there is actually some drivers that saw us, slow down their car and keep staring, one of the bus driver even stop and stare. It really freak us out. Lol. Okay, the venue was near the roadside or highway? I can't really explain where but I know how to arrive at the destination.
Hmms, there is something special about wither trees that caught my eyes. They looked really beautiful.

Let's begin this journey...

Yingxin first outfit was decked in dress from Wearerubbish and her vintage denim shirt.

Her second outfit was white maxi dress from Style Nanda, pink fairy floral crown from Fleurx. It's handmade by me! Heheh. It really suits her.

Pretty max!

Last but not least, my outfit of the day...

(Lace Cardigan from Fleurx -Yet to launched, Mint Shorts from Bugis Street, Rings + Bangles from H&M, Watch from Nakedglory)

I'm pretty much love this lace cardigan that I've brought in for Fleurx. Not sure if anyone realize that, I have been wearing it but yet to sell it (see my blogpost of Wimbly Lu). Anyone keen to get one before the launched? Eheheh.

See you when I see you...
...till then!

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