March 5, 2013

Neon Highlighter Hair Color

Hair color sponsored by Rhetorical, photograph by Sam.

So a week ago, I had the craziest hair color in my life. The feeling was overwhelimg.

I wanted to go blonde, having a blonde short hair. But never did I know that red hair actually stains upon bleaching. The color won't go away. Instead of turning blonde, it turn orange. Then I dye my outer hair layer with pink. 

My hair literally look like pink + orange + yellow highligher. It was so loud that I actually wear cap to have less attention. I almost wanted to dye black the next day.

So here's a video of the whole process, pardon my nude face...

And feeling really awkward when I talk.


When I start to accept my hair color, I went to trim it and oh gosh...

When you are young,
be free and wild...

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