November 16, 2012

My Journey of Colorful Hair

At different time of the year, ever changing.

My current hair color. How do you like my purple pink ombre?

A lot of peeps have been asking me about my hair color.
Once in awhile, random strangers talk to me, or behind me... whispering talking about my hair.
If you are my facebook friend, I guess you've seen all this photos. Hah.

Anyway here am I writing a post about it...

My recent hair color is sponsored by Rhetorical.

So what is Rhetorical?
rhe·tor·i·cal [ri-tawr-i-kuhl, -tor-]
adjective 1. used for, belonging to, or concerned with mere style or effect.

It is set-up by my friend Dominique Andrea who is passionate about make-up, hairdyes and fashion. Rhetorical is a Singapore-based Online Store that carries Sugarpill Cosmetics, Manic Panic, and Special Effects USA. If you love colors and everything wild and daring, you will be addicted to Rhetorical. 

She do have a youtube channel showing their make-up products and how to dye ombre hair!

She's not a hairstylist but she's really have got great potential and talented!

Here's my journey of my hair...

The top few pictures featuring my favorite fling hair photos. In various hair color shades of hair color. LOL. Maybe someday I can be part of some hair commercial. And yes, I need to mention before I dyed my hair color, my whole head was red and it faded to brown.

First, I'm a girl on fire.
My first time bleaching my hair, and the first time dying ombre pink hair. When I first had this hair, I was overwhelmed. Hahha!

Second, I'm like a unicorn. Lol.
I dyed Hot Hot pink (diluted with conditioner), Mystic Amethyst mixed with Pimpin Purple. I am pretty much in love with this hair color! Gorgeous don't they?

Most of my pictures is taken when it was pretty much faded.

Then, I asked Andrea to freestyle and dye whatever she wants.

Third, I'm seeing rainbow.
My hair consists of Rock out Red, Hot Hot Pink, Atomic Turquoise and Blue Velvet. The colors make me feel like a rockstar.

I submitted my third hair color in Redken hair color contest and I won! HEHEH. This is my first online contest and I literally spam alot of peeps. Lots of 'Likes' was from unknown people too. Thanks to those who help! It was the first time my hair receive overwhelming likes.

Can you believe I received 378 likes!
It was a tough fight. WOAH.

I won the overall best/wildest hair color. I've also won myself a hair color makeover at Kenaris Salon (which I've yet to claim). DOUBLE YAYYYyyyyyy! ;D

Fourth, I've upgrade to another kind of unicorn.

This color is similar to my second one. It's more girly.
This time round, my hair is of Pimpin Purple, Cotton Candy mixed with Hot Hot Pink.

Most of the hair color is from Manic Panic, only Blue Velvet and Pimpin Purple is from Special Effects.

Ahhhh... I guess you guys is pretty confuse with the hair color.

Not to worry, you can always check out Rhetorical, facebook message and email [] for enquries.

On a side note, Rhetorical and PRYSM (apparel brand by Andrea, Joey and me!) will open a Bazaar montly at Scape! If you would like to see the actual product, do come down and support! Stay tune to our facebook page for updates.

My photos (up there), I'm featuring some of PRYSM's apparel.

And here's the surprise...
QUOTE "SIMPLY-JESS" and GET $2 off hair dyes!

Welcome, dear colour-addicts.

So what's the last of my hair color? What's next?
Or what do you want to see?

We are all once young, dye now or never.

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