December 14, 2012


I wish, I wish...

Less than 48 hours and I am turning twenty-three.

Ain't the though of age scary? I still pretty much feel like a kid and look like one? Haha!
Every time I got to know people who is younger, I hope I am back at eighteen. Lesser stress, no need to think so much about my future. I wonder why I don't start working really hard back then... and maybe maybe I will have accomplish something bigger.


Few hours ago I've got a surprise from PRYSM! Teehee.

That's explain the cupcake balloon I've got. Not only that...


(Now, more props for tripod photography! Woohoo!!!!)

Love you guys! And you know I don't really celebrate my birthday. It was really unexpected. Love the pressie and it was actually on my mind... Almost want to buy them for myself.

So... what will I be doing when the clock strikes midnight on 16th December?
I'm probably back home alone from Kallang stadium! Hah.

(I'm volunteer to be photographer for Oschool Recital 2012 ;D You know how scary when I'm not a professional and this is my major task. To capture those dancers on stage, at that very moment... )

I've got some present that I dream of... 5DMKII, 6D, Flash, Vintage Camera Bag, Jeffrey Campbell, anyone? ;D

 Hope this year will be a good year, it's ending...

To never grow old,
to live in fairytale,
& never wake up again.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :) how did you all open a flea at scape level 1? where did you all book the booth? Hope you dont mind sharing :)

Jessica Lim said...

Thank you! You can search scape bazaar. There is actually a website that you can book the booth in advance :)