October 2, 2012

Some Deep Thoughts

Then waste no time and bear all hardship...

"Go for it."

Last night, someone told me if I really like something, I should go for it. Somehow it struck me. I've been rather a workaholic working almost everyday. If you asked me why, I don't really know how to answer. Perhaps I am use to keeping myself busy.

I used to have a dream when I was young, that is to be a star. It is still my dream now but I guess...nah. That Saturday, I was trying my luck. I was pretty close to have this chance to be on air. But perhaps I don't have enough courage to face that alone and have to leave. Am so close, yet... hmms...

My favourite pose sometime back... stone and unhappy.
No I'm not, that's my default face.

And that's probably my last few photos of my Pink Ombre Hair, I really love that color. 

My outfit of the day:
Leather collared top & Burgundy Skater skirt from Cotton On
Leather heels from ASOS (bought it at $10, it's a steal from Flea Market!)

Till then, see you soon.
I'm trying to be a good blogger but I always fails.

I hope you readers are still there, at least a handful!? ;D
Do drop me a comment if you are here, at least I know someone do cares. 

 We are young and wild.

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THOO said...

hehe me loh ! at least haha!