May 19, 2009


Does absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Perhaps I should take a rest.

Suddenly I feel I neglected alot of stuffs. Or perhaps I dont have enough time or some stuff is missing. Or perhaps I dont know how to manage time. I feel this sudden sadness. I scare as time goes by all is down to zero. All that was once so dear aint anymore. For everything appears like a dream, once you wake up.. all are gone. Then you start to question yourself, why is life always like this?

I think I'm just too tired. Alot of times I try so hard, I feel that I'm just transparent. No one ever see me anymore, no one.. no one see my belong. Sometimes I feel I'm such lousy, with sucha character.

And I fear to loss myself, my inner soul.

And everytime I ask..
will I be forgotten or remembered?


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