June 21, 2012

My Galaxy Galore

Photography by Jo, edited by Jessica Lim.

That very day I wore my new galaxy printed shirt.

My photo buddy Andrea cum lunch time khaki was on leave so I directed my new colleague, Jo as my photographer.

Being really narcissistic, I have already preplanned where to take photos and what to wear the day before. The sky was cloudy and very lovely so carpark was my new experimental place. We had a hard time climbing up the stairs... all the way to the car park roof and you know how hot the weather was.

Here are our master piece...

Candid shot, you know how happy I feel when I capture pretty peektures.
(I am pretty greedy, I want to be the model and photographer. Yes yes.)

Till then! Teehee.

Hope you like my outfit and in case you want to know, the top is from Bugis Street... some blogshop have this top too. My black wedges are from Mondo.

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The vast sky, my freedom, my imagination...

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